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High levels of
skill and quality in the
pharmaceutical industry

Everything Wave Pharma does is wholly aimed at following ethical standards in which the first and main objective is to meet the customers and the patients’ needs. To do this, Wave Pharma is committed every day to recommending and actively promoting a high professional standard.

Our Products

Adiunastrol 1 mg

Film-Coated Tablets



ADIUNASTROL is used for the treatment of breast cancer in menopausal women. It belongs to a group of drugs called “aromatase inhibitors”.

Brestoral 2,5 mg

Film-Coated Tablets



BRESTORAL contains an active ingredient called “letrozole” that belongs to a group of drugs called “aromatase inhibitors”.

Nibestan 25 mg

Film-Coated Tablets



NIBESTAN belongs to the category of drugs known as “aromatase inhibitors.”

Wave Pharma S.r.l. è una società di Welcome Pharma S.p.A.

Wave Pharma S.r.l. is a company of Welcome Pharma S.p.A.

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Career opportunities

Sei interessato al mondo farmaceutico e vuoi lavorare in una realtà in continua crescita?
Do you have an interest in the world of pharmaceuticals, and in finding employment with a continuously growing concern?

Area riservata

Reserved area

Area riservata a medici e farmacisti per visualizzare gli RCP dei prodotti
Area reserved for physicians and pharmacists to view the summary of product characteristics (SPC).
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WAVE PHARMA S.r.l. | P.IVA / CODICE FISCALE 11691441007 | Capitale sociale euro 100.000
Sede legale: Via dei Redentoristi, 9 - 00186 Roma | Sede operativa: Via Campobello, 1 - 00071 Pomezia (RM) - Tel. +39 06 91969074
WAVE PHARMA S.r.l. | VAT / FISCAL CODE 11691441007 | Share capital 100,000 euros
Registered office: Via dei Redentoristi, 9 - 00186 Roma | Operational headquarters: Via Campobello, 1 - 00071 Pomezia (RM) - Tel. +39 06 91969074
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